Who’s Writing This Thing?


I’m Jonathan De Costa a.k.a. “Jono” and I’m a freelance advertising strategist and writer with an interest in content creation, social media communications, and branding. I’m currently at PJA Advertising + Marketing part time as an account planner, and am seeking full-time employment. I’m also consulting with Quora and some other unique and innovative organizations.

I’ve lived and breathed insights since I discovered how impactful they were during undergrad, when I used a powerful insight to encourage students to speak up against homophobia.

From one-on-one dialogue with students, I discovered that the vast majority wanted to make the campus a safe space for LGBT students, but they didn’t know how to stand up to those that used homophobic language. Armed with this insight I created entertaining, educational programming that would teach students how to speak up and become comfortable talking about LGBT topics. The results? By the time I graduated, Bryant University had an LGBT Resource Center and gender-neutral housing. I was even honored by the Rhode Island House of Representatives for my work.

This experience made me realize that the utilization of solid insights can change people’s hearts and minds. That’s why, as a strategist, I bring not only a relentless curiosity and passion for people, but also the realization that an understanding of humanity can create strong brand advocates that will propagate the ethos of a brand.

I’ve learned from my first foray into agency life at PJA Advertising + Marketing that even the business-to-business space is really business-to-buyer, because in every case there’s a human buyer with emotional and rational needs.  Brands that position themselves at the crossroads between the emotional and rational core of consumers are the ones that win big.

Like the thinking you see here? Need some advice in the marketing, writing, or editing space? Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter, LinkedIn, or via email.

Twitter: @jono_tweettime

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/pub/jonathan-de-costa/26/41a/59

Email: jonathandecosta@gmail.com

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